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Gunbot enables a way for people to trade on the cryptomarket on a constant basis. Being connected to the market 24/7  creates a passive income for a Gunbot owner while minimalizing risk. Lots of people don't know where to buy a legit Gunbot nor how to set it up, this is where we come in. We offer Gunbot licenses to the public as official, authorized Gunbot resellers. Once bought, we help our customers to set it up to maximize the profit and minimize the risk.

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Trader Test

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Do the Trader Test to find out what kind of trader you are! After you know what kind of trader you are we will push you in the right direction. This test works for beginners who have no clue what a blockchain is, all the way to professional traders who do this for a living.


Trading Tips


The CDT team shares its knowledge about trading; this includes trading tips, buy signals, technical analysis and much more. We strive to give our public the information that is needed to become great traders, this for beginners as well as advanced traders.


Daily News


There's an ocean of information and news about crypto, it's not always easy to find the most relevant information or articles. We want to make it easy for our readers and created a 'news' tab where we update new articles about crypto or that are somehow connected to the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis.

Beginner Tutorials

Beginner tutorials about buying platforms, exchanges and investments in general are available on our website. Our goal is to help a vast amount of people, which varies from people who have never bought crypto before to people who already are daily traders. Apart from the information we provide on our website, we strive to answer as much messages as possible on our social media to help if additional help is needed.


ICO Analysis


Every month, the CDT team analyses different ICO's and present at least one ICO to the public that we believe is worth investing in. We look for ICO's with a great team that want to change the cryptocurrency market and that we hope will be there for a long time. These are mostly ICO's that are a great long-term investment and not a pump and dump trade.

If you don't know what an ICO is, click here.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Gunbot difficult to learn?
Yes and no. Gunbot is easy to start-out, but difficult to fully master. You can keep learning, that's what makes it so much fun! You do not need to master it to make money of-course.
How do you run Gunbot?
There are multiple ways to run Gunbot. Gunbot is a program so you can run it on your own pc, on a VPS(Virtual Private Server) or even on a raspberry pi! We offer VPS services as-well so you can monitor your Gunbot from anywhere in the world!
Why Choose us?
Gunbot can only be bought through a handful of authorized resellers like ourselves.
Our reviews speak for themself, we offer top notch support & we are part of the development of Gunbot.