Major Changes

    Completely renewed GUI

Unlike in the previous version, it's not needed anymore to log into the exchange to get an overview of the pairs your own, the open orders or the trade history: The Gunbot V10 dashboard gives you all the information you need! Also, The installation, setting management and pair management is easier, smoother and more user friendly than in V9.

Configuring your trading pair and strategy has never been easier! Don't believe us? Watch this example video:

    New Exchanges

The Kucoin & Huobi exchange is now supported on Gunbot. Bitmex, known for its leverage trading, will be supported on Gunbot soon (planned update: december 2018). Bitmex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to trade with leverage of up to 100:1, providing traders the opportunity to amplify their gains (as well as potential losses).

Want to learn more about Bitmex?

    Combine any Strategy

It's now possible to choose your strategy and customize it completely, without any restrictions. Choose which strategy you want to use for buying or selling and add additional configs: now also for the strategy emotionless and ichimoku!

    Manage your profits and losses

Every trader knows the importance of knowing how much profit or losses you have. When trading on a few pairs, it's easy to keep track of the profits or losses, when trading on multiple, it becomes a harder task. No need for excel sheets or calculators anymore, Gunbot keeps track of everything for you! Daily, weekly and monthly stats or now available (with separate profit-loss statistics for reversal trading).

    Telegram trading

Gunbot can now ask for your permission to trade: link your Gunbot to your Telegram app to confirm/decline buy or sell orders by one simple message. If you can't answer right away, Gunbot will place/cancel the order after a number of seconds of your choosing.


Two brand-new ways to sell or buy when the prices come close to the strategy entry or exit point:

- Take-buy: With this setting enabled, Gunbot will try to take any buy chance between the strategy entry point and your percentage set.

- Take-profit: With this setting enabled, Gunbot will try to take any possible profit between the break-even point and your strategy exit point. This can be useful, for example, on days where the markets move very slowly.

    New balance options

No more struggling with endless decimals when typing in trading limits, you can now set your trading limit as a percentage of your portfolio. There's now also the option to keep an amount of quote when selling.

    Improved reversal trading

Even when the market drops and then goes sideways, it is now possible to keep on accumulating crypto. The reversal trading, that works on various strategies has been reworked completely. Airdrop is now depreciated.

    New strategies

We've added Average Directional Index, Average True Range Trailing Stop, EMA spread Time series analysis, MACD, MACDH and SMA cross.
Learn more about them on our strategies page!

    TV margin trading

margin trading using the TradingView add-on is now supported at Huobi and Bitfinex. Soon Bitmex will be added.

   Additional Changes

  • Faster pair cycling

    Cycling got over 40% faster. Parallel cycling for pairs from multiple exchanges in one Gunbot instance.

  • New triggers for Stochastic and RSI

    Both can now be used in oscillator or cross mode.

  • Disable/enable pairs

    Trading pairs can now be disabled without removing them from your configuration, they won't cycle until reenabled.

  • Improved RSI calculation

     Tuning RSI calculation to get closer to values at exchanges and TradingView.

  • Separate period settings for all indicators

    All indicators now have their own period settings, removing the dependency on SMAPERIOD.

  • Kumo sentiments for Ichimoku

    Choose if trades with Ichimoku are allowed to take place below/under Kumo.

  • Xtrend tuning

    The trendwatcher for Stepgain got tuned to behave less laggy.

  • Test Telegram notifications

    After setting up Telegram notifications you can now send a test message.

  • Logs

    Each trading pair now generates a single logfile that is easier to read. Built-in logrotate keeps log size to a minimum.

  • Wiki

    Almost completely rewritten. Added Portuguese language.

  • TradingView add-on improvements

    Implementing TV_MVTS and an option to use all available base balance for each buy order. Margin positions on Poloniex can now be closed with an alert. Better handling of mixed automatic/manual trading. Mixed mode for trading with TradingView alerts and Gunbot strategies simultaneously.

  • Migrate GDAX to

    API keys for GDAX remain valid for Coinbase Pro. Trades on Coinbase Pro are placed as post only orders.


  • Fix P/L calculation in Telegram notifications.

  • Mitigate "Timeout" issue.

  • Fix issue preventing orders for low satoshi valued coins.

  • Various fixes for the TradingView add-on, notably improved handling of multiple incoming orders with TradingView add-on.

  • Fix buying/selling behavior on previously custom strats like SMACROSS, EMASPREAD and MACD.

  • Fix locked funds.

  • Save trailing limits so they don't get lost on restarts.

  • Using max array length to calculate indicators in case exchanges send less candles than expected.

  • Literally hundreds of other bugfixes.

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