Just download on your PC or VPS, configure pairs and let it run! Follow our installation video to get up and running in 10 minutes!



Gunbot is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Just download the latest gunbot from github, give Gunbot your api key(s) and let the perfect money machine do it's thing! Let Gunbot run on a Virtual Private Server(VPS) if you don't want your own pc to run 24/7 or if you want to access Gunbot from anywhere/anytime. We recommend vpsserver, they have the best cost/performance ratio! Perfect for Gunbot. 



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Supported Exchanges

We support all of the biggest exchanges! Your favourite exchange isn't listed? Don't worry, just let us know and we'll discuss it with the main developer to see what can be done.

how it Works

It's a very simple process which only takes 5 minutes!


Download latest Gunbot

Make sure you download the latest version HERE to assure best performance

Configure API(s) & choose pairs

Configure your activated API(s) and choose your pairs. Default settings will work in the beginning.
money bag

Press Run!

Now all you have to do is press run and watch the money roll in!

Why Choose Gunbot

There are other automatic trading bots out there but none of them outways Gunbot!

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Beats Manual Trading

Never miss out on an opportunity again! Using Gunbot you will stay ahead of the game without having to watch the market 24/7.


Make Money While You Sleep

You can sleep on both ears again, knowing your Gunbot is working for you.


Great Community & Support

Gunbot has a great community behind it and there's a reason more than 6000 active traders choose Gunbot.. The support is amazing!


Lots Of Strategies To Choose From

Gunbot has 36 strategies to choose from. If you are using version 10 or higher you can even make your own strategies and use them! Or use TradingView add-on in combination with an older version of Gunbot.

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Cross Platform

It's cross platform! You can easily convert your settings from Windows to Mac or Linux.



Minimal Risk

You can't always profit, but Gunbot can minimize the risk by using stop limit, Reversal Trading or Double Up to average down.

Any questions regarding Gunbot? Please don't hesitate to Contact us

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