Here We Explain Briefly How You Can Start Backtesting Your Strategies Today!

Backtesting your strategies, before using them, is always a good idea to find out how Gunbot would react with the given settings. This is a great tool for optimizing your settings and the option of visualising your strategy on the latest charts is priceless!


Want to learn more about Gunbot? 


Resources needed


  1. A TradingView account (it works best if you buy a pro account, but the free version will suffice for beginners)
  2. Allanster's scripts  (free/paid)


Free scripts offer pure strategies like BB, TSSL, Stepgain,..

Paid scripts (Deluxe Tuner) work with combined strategies like BBTSSL, BBStepgain,.. It's not expensive, it only costs 21$ and is definitely worth it!

* Here you can find his threads on the forum for more information (Free scripts),2381.0.html (Paid Script)


What kind of scripts is he offering?


Gunbot Deluxe Tuners

GunbotXT Okkies Mode

Grahn Gyllene Kors [Alerts]

Grahn Gyllene Kors



Gunbot PingPong

Gunbot BB StepGain Tuner

How To Set Backtest Date Range

Gunbot Stepgain Tuner

Gunbot BB Tuner

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