What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot. It is designed to buy crypto-currencies low and sell high, all 100% automatically. The bot trades 24/7, so you can even make profit while you sleep!

Why should I use Gunbot?

The combination of having to watch all the day-to-day price movements of the crypto market, which is a very volatile one, and the continuous growth of crypto exchanges, leaves a lot of traders disappointed to say the least. Then we're not even talking about the exponential decrease in free time! A trading bot is the perfect solution for these problems and it enables traders to create passive income while still being able to have day jobs or to have some more free time.

What does 'API' mean?

It stands for 'Application Programming Interface'. But you don't have to understand the technical side behind it! All you have to know is that Gunbot uses it to communicate with Binance, and to place sell/buy orders. After purchasing Gunbot, you will have to make your own api on each exchange(takes 2min) and send it to us so we can activate your license. Contact us if you need help!

How do I setup the telegram notification bot?


Got nonce errors?

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