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Gunbot: Gain Strategy

February 26, 2023

Gunbot: Gain Strategy

In trading with Gunbot, you will have several trading strategy options that you can choose from. All these options will depend on how you would want to perform your trading operations. 

The Gain strategy is considered as one of the uncomplicated strategies that are featured in Gunbot. All trading actions done in this specific type of Gunbot strategy is based on the EMA. An “Exponential moving average” is used as a benchmark in producing buy and sell signals in accordance with the crossovers and divergences from the historical average. 

Since this type of strategy is based on EMA, it allows Gunbot to buy assets when a certain price hits a point below the lowest EMA. At the same time, it also allows Gunbot to sell the assets as soon as a set percentage of gain has been reached. 

Furthermore, in configuring your Gain strategy, you have to take note of the following:

Strategy Parameters

Your strategy parameters will also include your BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD. These can all be configured in the strategy configurator of your GUI or the strategies section of your  config.js file. 

Note that all these settings can be applied to all the pairs in this strategy. Furthermore, these are also globally applied. If you want a certain parameter to be different for your specific pair/s, you can make use of an override at the pair level. 

As for your BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD parameters, you also have the option to combine different methods for both your buying and selling actions. 

In configuring your Gain strategy, you also have to take note of the following settings:

Buy Settings

This setting determines when your Gunbot will perform its buy orders. Your buy settings control the implementation of your buy orders as you make use of the Gain strategy. 

Sell Settings

As compared to your Buy settings, your sell settings determine when your Gunbot will perform its sell orders. As for this setting, it controls the implementation of your sell orders as you make use of the Gain strategy.  

Balance Settings 

Your balance settings are one of the important aspects that you should greatly consider because, in these settings, you will determine the amount your Gunbot is allowed to invest in each of your trading actions. 

Indicator Settings 

Since all your trading actions will depend on EMA, as for these settings, it will have a straight effect on your buying. Below are relevant indicators that you should know in buying using the Gain strategy:

PERIOD - this parameter enables you to configure the candlestick period that you will use for trading. More so, this parameter also affects all your indicators within this specific strategy and your BUY_LEVEL. 

EMA1 - set your EMA1 with the number of candlesticks you want to use for your slow EMA. Each closing price per candle will be used in slow EMA calculation.

EMA2 - in contrast to your EMA1, this is where you set the number of candlesticks you want to use for your fast EMA. Each closing price per candle will be used in fast EMA calculations. 

Miscellaneous Settings 

Your Misc settings let you control your stop limit and all other uncategorized features in your Gain strategy.